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Percentage Calculator
Here is the best free online percentage calculator of its kind.

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Exponent Calculator
Fast and easy way to calculate and get the answers to numbers with exponents.

Fraction Calculator
This fraction calculator is recommended by teachers and is useful for all ages.

Fuel and Speed Converter
Using this converter, you can compare miles, kilometers, liters, and gallons.

Divisible by
This calculator checks to see if one number is divisible by another number.


Nimbly they seized and secreted their prey, Alive and wriggling in the elastic net, Which Nature hung beneath their grasping beaks; Till, swoln with captures, the unwieldy burden Clogg'd their slow flight, as heavily to land, These mighty hunters of the deep return'd.

There on the cragged cliffs they perch'd at ease, Gorging their hapless victims one by one; Then full and weary, side by side, they slept, Till evening roused them to the chase again.

James Montgomery, 1827